Measure - plan - execute

Adopting a sustainable approach involves a commitment to continual improvement

The SIS tool helps measure the current level of sustainability, to define a target level suited to your needs, to plan the measures necessary for achieving the target - in each of the fields of action.

The study can be done on two levels:


The philosophy involves working towards a goal of zero impact on the environment

It is clear that the focus cannot be on improving old concepts, but that we need to concentrate on moving forwards and applying new ideas.

We are at present far from an ideal situation. In July 2009, the G8 decided to reduce GHG emissions, and CO2 emissions in particular, by 80% by 2050.

Over the last few years, a number of very interesting experiments have been conducted throughout the world's urban territories into ways of achieving such a zero impact. These need to be analysed and used as a base for new regional development and infrastructure construction rules


The goal is not to provide an overall rating but rather to take a snapshot of the company in its various aspects.

There is no weighting done between the criteria - they are juxtaposed and all have the same value.

What are the criteria?

For each criterion, there is a quantitative component defining the level of sustainability in relation to the goal of zero impact on the environment.

The score reflects the target level:

Usage instructions

The general instructions and the instructions for the different modules can be downloaded as pdf files:

The tool

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